Announcement: ink_d Gallery is closing..........

22 April 2016

It is with a very heavy heart that we write to you, our loyal and interested customers, to let you know of the planned closure of ink_d after ten years of trading.

ART by Ryan Callanan at ink_d gallery - 6.4.16

2 April 2016

As you already know, we are closing our doors at the end of May but before that happens, we've got our close friend Ryan Callanan to send us off with a bang!

Jamie Hewlett New Prints Available & Contemporary Art Sale!

8 January 2016

January is typically a miserable month but check out what exciting thing we have in store at ink_d to raise the spirits

The Latest Happenings at ink_d

7 December 2015

It's been events galore in the gallery recently. Have catch up on what's been going down workshop-wise

Jake Wood-Evans Launches His Latest Stunning Edition

30 November 2015

Check out our latest blog on Jake-Wood Evans' incredibly new silkscreen prints 'Two Lights Dancing in the Night

Our 5 Favourite Prints To Warm Your Soul This Winter

16 November 2015

Winter is upon us and summer seems like a distant memory. Do not despair however, here are a selection of our favourite prints to raise the spirits. find out more here

Ben Eine’s New Mural Charms Laguna Beach

4 November 2015

Ben Eine's latest mural stateside has caused some controversy but we think it's utterly charming. find out more here

Lady Aiko Ranked Amongst 25 Women Pushing The Limits Of Street Art

28 October 2015

Big Up Lady Aiko, who has been ranked amongst the most influential female street artists in the world! Read more here

Our Top 5 Rare Prints

26 October 2015

With our rare print retrospective in full swing we thought we’d rack our brains and pick our top 5 editions from the show. Find out more here

Grande Dame Brings Her Psychedelic Flair To Burning Man

5 October 2015

Have a read of what the one and only Grande Dame has been up to in recent months

Dan Baldwin The Fear of Letting Go at Lawrence Alkin Gallery

30 September 2015

One of our favourite artists Dan Baldwin is holding his latest exhibition 'The Fear of Letting Go' in London this month

Lady Aiko- Edo City Girl Extended Due To (HUGE) Popular Demand

25 September 2015

Great News! Due to its huge popularity Edo City Girl by Lady Aiko will continue to run until 4th October

Lady Aiko’s Latest Brighton Mural

17 September 2015

Lady Aiko has just painted a fabulous mural in the centre of Brighton. Read more about it here

VIP Lady Aiko Q & A Event

14 September 2015

This Wednesday 16th September ink_d gallery would like to invite you to the Costume Games VIP Event

Lady Aiko: Edo City Girl – Private View

11 September 2015

Check out the pictures from the private view of Lady Aiko's current exhibition 'Edo City Girl'

Artist Interview With Lady Aiko

10 September 2015

In the run up to her debut exhibition at Ink-d Lady Aiko very kindly put down her scalpel and spray paint to answer some questions in our latest aritst interview...

Ink_d Introduces: Lady Aiko

8 September 2015

Excitement is building ahead of Lady Aiko’s arrival in town next week for her brand new show Edo City Girl. We thought it would be a good opportunity to explain a bit about her for those of you who aren’t familiar


28 August 2015

Periscope TODAY!

Check Out This Hot New Video For ‘Life’s A Gamble’

27 August 2015

The good people at New Waverley Studio have created this awesome video from our ‘Life’s a Gamble’ private view. Check it out!

Banksy Is Back With Dismaland!

20 August 2015

Britain’s most elusive street artist has been hatching his latest epic project in Weston-super-Mare

Ryan Callanan ‘Life’s a Gamble’ Exhibition Review

12 August 2015

'Life's a Gamble' the hip-hoppin' new show from Ryan Callanan has landed in the gallery. Check out our latest exhibition review for a taster of what's on show.

Artist Interview With Ryan Callanan

12 August 2015

Read our latest artist interview with Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, where we talk his new show ‘Life’s A Gamble’, his favourite tune of the summer and nursery rhymes, plus more…

Our Top 5 Summery Works Of Art

31 July 2015

Whether the sun is out or not, here are 5 summery works of art we've chosen to raise your spirits! *sunglasses might be required..

Shepard Fairey Pays The Price For Refusing To OBEY The Law

21 July 2015

Street art supremo and general anti-establishment poster boy Shepard Fairey has been arrested and charged with vandalism and criminal damages.

Artist interview with Matt Smith

15 July 2015

‘Trouble with History’ presents the culmination of over four years of Matt Smith’s thought provoking and inquisitive artistic endeavour. Matt very kindly spared some of his time to talk us through examples of the work on show, his inspiration and the fluid, ambiguous nature of his intriguing tapestries that are currently on display…

Ryan Callanan shows the US how too do it.

13 July 2015

Artist Ryan Callanan has been hard at it on the west coast of America.

Interview with Sarah Shaw

24 June 2015

‘Shift’ the incredible latest solo show by Sarah Shaw has been captivating visitors to the gallery for the past couple of weeks, so we thought it would be appropriate to pick Sarah’s brain on the new body of work. She very kindly agreed to take a break from the studio to answer our questions, and enlighten us with some of the themes and concepts she’s explored in the paintings.

Art in Brighton

14 June 2015

Just incase you missed this? Art in Brighton have done a wonderful review of the new show by Sarah Shaw and also a nice little write up of the gallery in general

New work by REQ

8 June 2015

A new selection of work has appeared in the gallery by Req. Req is known for his work on the streets of Brighton but is also becoming well known for his work on canvas as we as other mediums.

We Have Winners!!

29 May 2015

RSPB Event Night....

RSPB Prize Draw - This Thursday!

23 May 2015

Have you heard about our event on Thursday 28 May? Well, you’re invited and it’s all for an amazing charity!

GRAHAM CARTER CLUES - The All Creatures Show

21 May 2015

Clues to Graham Carters Lost Aminals Nature Trail.

56th Venice Art Biennale

15 May 2015

...all things arty that is the 56th Venice Art Biennale...

Interview with Graham Carter

13 May 2015

We caught up with Graham, for a bit of monkeying around in his Hove based studio to find out more about his latest body of work, and amongst other things, the inspiration for his brilliant bee survival kit. Have a read to find out more about this hugely talented chap…

Ryan Callanan's solo show in the US of A.

23 April 2015

Ryan will be showing a his next new body of work on the West Coast of the States. links here to 'Artist of the year' and a short Video on the show.

Graham Carter - All Creatures show - sneaky peek

21 April 2015

We recently paid a visit to Graham’s studio in Hove for a catch up and to take a sneaky peek at his new body of work for our forthcoming show at ink_d; 'All Creatures'. 

The All Creatures Show - Graham Carter (Private View)

12 April 2015


The BBC chats to ink_d

9 April 2015

ink_d gallery has been asked to talk to the BBC about the gallery and its curration of shows. read more...

Three Dimensions Exhibition Review

27 March 2015

Seeing how our latest show ‘Three Dimensions’ has been up for a couple of weeks now, with a brilliant response, we thought this week we’d highlight a couple of wonderful pieces and source some info on each piece directly from the horse’s (artist’s) mouth.

Interview with Dan Baldwin

18 March 2015

Painter and ceramist Dan Baldwin has for a long time been a very good friend of the gallery. It’s been incredible watching Dan’s career progress while his artwork has evolved over the years. We caught up with Dan to find out a bit more about the 3D side of his practice, while we currently have some of his stunning pots and new bronzes in the gallery for ‘Three Dimensions’, our group exhibition. Read on for a bit of insight into the life and times of one of our most celebrated artists…

Three Dimensions - opens 13th March

13 March 2015

It’s definitely beginning to feel like spring is in the air, so it’s rather fitting that we have a fresh and exciting body of three-dimensional work being installed in the gallery this week.

Interview with Enzo

3 March 2015

We caught up with the brilliant Enzo Marra this week in his South London studio to learn more about his approach to painting, admiration for Frank Auerbach and fascination with the shape of Francis Bacon’s face

Spotlight on EnzoMarra

27 February 2015

This week we’ve felt so captivated by Enzo Marra’s visceral paintings hanging in the gallery that we decided to do a little blog feature on them to share with the good people of the interweb

Valentines Love.....

13 February 2015

Still stuck for that special person prezzie....? Here's our top 5 for you to feast your eyes upon....

Post London Town..

11 February 2015

It's good to be back! (With a Bang!).....

Anarchy in Brighton (by way of Mexico)

18 December 2014

It's all about the GIRLS!

My Voodoo on You - It's All Happening!

20 November 2014

The Dame is on Fire right now!

What a month!....

6 November 2014

So much going on!

Pressure Paintings

26 October 2014

The gallery looks pretty (no, very) spectacular at the moment, as we are sure many of you are aware!

Vodka, Tea and Ink...

28 September 2014

Yep, and it wasn't even midday!

Looking deeper into Becoming.

17 September 2014

So much more than meets the eye. 

Welcome to 'A Carne a Day'

12 September 2014

Sooo.....we were thinking...

Carrie in the House!!!

25 August 2014

Such a good Saturday was had by all!.......

Ladies & Gentlemen......

10 August 2014

Le Grande Dame!

Lez was super artistic at Pride...

9 August 2014

A little look back at last week.

***Last chance for PETRO places****

7 August 2014

Final reduced price for last few now or live forever in regret!

FREE workshop & talk with REQ on Sunday 3rd August

1 August 2014

The Rorschach Series

17 July 2014

We've just been having a little chat with Sarah about her Rorschach series of paintings, have a read, its so interesting.

A little round up...

13 July 2014

So, what other amazing exhibitions (apart from us of course) are our artists currently taking part in?

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle...

12 July 2014

July 10 - August 31 Amsterdam


Pushing Paint(ings) leaving the building...

3 July 2014

But don't worry, its not over!

Its been a while....

18 June 2014

So sorry its been so long...have you missed us?

Walls, walls, everywhere!

22 May 2014


11 May 2014

Like a New York Whirlwind.....She came, She signed, She read.....



3 May 2014

Come into our Private View.....


3 May 2014

Are you keeping an eye?

Anyone for a....Z??

20 April 2014

Open as usual(ish)

Exciting Carrie Reichardt News!

3 April 2014

At the Victoria & Albert Museum no less!!!

Gavin Turks' new NEON exhibition! 7,201,964,238

30 March 2014

It would seem that we are not alone in our love of neon art here at ink_d gallery...

Signs of Light Private View

24 March 2014


RIOT SHIELDS!!!.................

12 March 2014

Jake Wood-Evans & Henry Moore!

12 March 2014

Jake Wood-Evans darkness visible & Henry Moore lithograpths at the Leyden Gallery

So long Fanfare

9 March 2014

And let there be LIGHT!

Fanfare, Drips and Swearing! Happy Sunday...

23 February 2014

Hidden Gems wherever you look around here! 15 days left of FANFARE!!.....

New Colours for that Special Person?

10 February 2014

Look  what Ryan has kindly brought in for us!

The London Art Fair - We Smashed it!

25 January 2014

You will of course be hearing from us in more detail about The London Art Fair but just for now...

Come and Say Hi!

14 January 2014

The day is almost upon us......!!!

Countdown to The London Art Fair....Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness

7 January 2014

'THE RENEGADE POTTER' has some treats for the people of the art fair!

Countdown to The London Art Fair....Carne Griffiths

7 January 2014

We have LOTS of new work from Carne.....Would you like to see just one of them?

Countdown to The London Art Fair!!...MissBugs

7 January 2014

So, people....WIth almost exactly a week to go and 14 artists to show you. What better time to let you see all (well, some) of the new and exciting work that we shall be unleashing in Upper Street...... Are you ready?

Happy New Year from Brighton!

3 January 2014



ink_d Artists in New London Show

22 December 2013



**Matt Smith in a major exhibition alongside David Shrigley & Grayson Perry**

15 December 2013

A Closer Look at some of our Artists....

14 December 2013

And what they get up to when they are outside of ink_d

Printing of the Black Cat for Eelus

13 December 2013

We are nearly finished with the printing of the Black Cat by Eelus.









9 December 2013

Check out Sarah's upcoming show here:?Her original 'Roads' has been selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painting Open...private view is on December 10th at Mall Galleries, London  Exhibition closes 21 December


Sam Hewitt

9 December 2013

Sam's been living and making art in Brighton for 15 years and we are so lucky to have him gracing the walls here at ink_d.



Our very own REQ has a solo exhibition!

1 December 2013


REQ at Cre8 Gallery in London: 5th of December 2013 

Its Beginning to Feel A LOT like Christmas!!!

30 November 2013

These beauties have literally just landed in the gallery, kindly delivered by one of our little helpers (AKA Ken). We havent even unwrapped them yet but they are too good not to you like?

Did somebody say Santa?

21 November 2013

Sneaky Peak?


TICK TOCK...TICK TOCK...As the wonderful and unsettling creations by the master that is Eelus are about to bid us a fond farewell, just one final reminder...

17 November 2013

**Sneaky Peak**

16 November 2013

Look what the delightful Matt Smith has just dropped off for us here at the gallery!

Eelus - Horrorshow...Its the last weekend!

16 November 2013

Yes, t'is true, it really is the LAST WEEKEND of this truly amazing and scary show.....

Eelus -Horrorshow 18 October - 17 November 2013

13 November 2013

The private view was a huge success, so many people from so many places. 

Jon Burgerman - A Failure of Judgement 5 September - 6th October 2013

13 November 2013

 The show is going great and we have had lots of comments on the window. 
If you haven't seen it yet, make your way down. More pics from the show coming soon!!

Ryan Callanan - Word Up 2 August - 26 August 2013

13 November 2013

What a private view we had.....Storm Troopers, now thats a first!

Summer Group Show 14 June - 21 July 2013

13 November 2013

Our current group show is celebrating the Summer, yes SUMMER! We are hoping that by filling the gallery with fresh beautiful artwork by all our best ink_d artists, we will inspire the sun to shine and warm up at least a little area of Brighton’s North Laine if nothing else.
Come join us from 14 June to 21 July to see loads of new work and a fresh hang. The private view will on Thursday 13 June from 6.30 – 8.30pm and we are hoping to be spinning some tunes in the ‘garden’ to get SUMMER going……

See new work from the talented likes of: Jake Wood-Evans, Snub, Pinky, Sam Hewitt, Sarah Shaw, Garry Smith, REQ, Sean Madden and Harriet Hammel among many others!

Maria Rivans - Back to Nature 2 May - 2 June 2013

13 November 2013

Sunday morning Maria Rivans workshop in the gallery! More fun workshops coming up, details to follow...

Ian Hodgson - Occupied Territories 5 April - 21 April 2013

13 November 2013

Its the last day of Ian Hodgson's solo show today. Come down while the sun's shining for a last chance to see his graphite gems

New Faces Group Show - March 2013

13 November 2013

New Faces group show on NOW! Loads of new work from several new faces in the gallery. We're so happy. On till 27th March.

The London Art Fair 2013

13 November 2013

If you're going to London Art Fair this week, make sure to see us at STALL G12! Gallery in Brighton open as usual except Sunday

Blog post

1 July 2013

Some summary text

printing in the studio---

16 November 2012

New prints from the studio coming your way...
Hi all, So we are up to no good again in the studio... we have a a new set of prints for you...  we've got a proof ready with SHE-ONE ! and a little something cooking for the great Al Murphy... hmmm lovely paper...


12 August 2011


SPRAYPAINT with REQ  NOW 20th AUGUST 2-5pmSTENCIL CUTTING with Hutch (13 August from 2-5pm - FULL!) and COLLAGE with Maria Rivans (14 August from 12-3pm). BOOK NOW to reserve your place. Contact us for more info.


A few months have passed. New ideas for a studio share ?

31 May 2010

Time has passed by so quick it seemed only minutes ago we were posting a little something about pieces for February and now look at it it's the end of May !!

The story so far...

31 May 2010

The studio has not posted much but were trying to get something up to let you know whats happening.

Valentines Day gifts for you...

8 February 2010

We have a wonderful selection of Valentines presents and gifts for you. From a few pounds to a few hundred, we have a selection of work to suit all pockets.

Happy Xmas to you all

23 December 2009

A wonderful Xmas to you all....


5 December 2009

So the studio is gearing up for a killer set of prints for Eine and Zeus.

Baldwin working

6 November 2009


30 October 2009

Hi there you guys, just to let you know we have made up a new news page to give to an idea of what going on and extra info.

New show details...

18 September 2009

So the up and coming show details are still being bashed out but here is an idea of whats going on.


15 August 2009

We have a great group show coming up next month. All Brighton based and at a great price.

Req working on his show

11 August 2009

Req is hard at it getting the final bits of his solo show together.

Zackary Walsh in the Studio...

10 August 2009

The studio and Zachary have produced some wonderful prints for the show...

Washed down the studio....

19 June 2009

The studio is up and running again after the studio has been up to its elbows in glitter and printing.

Lidia De Pedro and the studio getting inky

3 June 2009

Lidia and the studio are hard at it making sure all is in place for her up and coming solo show.


11 May 2009

Req's work running out of the gallery

Heads up peoples....

11 May 2009

Just a shout out to you lovers of IMBUE. You may just have to keep a look out on us for next month as we have a tastey event for you....

Sorry for not posting anything for some time....

8 May 2009

No post as the studio has been so busy....

New work arrives in the gallery

9 April 2009

We have new work coming into the gallery....

Donwood makes work in the studio...

25 March 2009

Stanley Donwood has been up to no good in the studio, splashing paint about making a load of banker goats......

Working off out feet......

21 March 2009

The studio has been rocking and rolling.....

IMBUE drop prints off...

18 February 2009

IMBUE has been in and left a deposit in the studio...the dirty little.....

Ben Allen prints up the studio...

5 February 2009

Ben has been in the studio printing and all over the gallery painting and pasting up.

Ben Allen in the studio...

27 January 2009

Ben Allen is in the studio working on some prints for the new show...

James Cauty digs through his drawers....

27 January 2009

James Cauty has dug out some bits and pieces for us from his recent show.

A new print from Pinky all the way from Holland.

22 January 2009

Our man Pinky has just got back from a paint session in Amsterdam where he was commissioned to paint the world of pinky all over one room in a fashionable Dutch hotel....

Introducing 'imbue' to the gallery

22 January 2009

imbue has dropped a new piece of work off for the gallery, and become one of our newest artist.

Lester Magoogan showing @ the 'DragonBar'

23 December 2008

Lester's got a solo show to see....

Oh my gods 'SNOT' is here...

17 December 2008

The sudden arrival of the artist SNOT took us a bit by suprise today. we have been waiting for some work and then from out of the blue the postey brings the first tube.


Mark Wigan here, now....

7 December 2008

Oh my it's Wigan's world. 

Pinky's Bristol show!!! -UPDATE-!!!!

2 December 2008

Our man Pinky is doing the do over in Bristol. Universal show.

Zara Woods on the highstreet!!

2 December 2008

You have to check this out, Zara has got an amazing new range of 8 pieces in Topshop.

Graham Carter has landed.....

6 November 2008

The work of Graham Carter is up and ready for you to see... this is really going to blow your socks off.


9 October 2008

..legend that is the Brokencrow has his finished prints on sale..

Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillips

1 October 2008

A amazing over view of work produced over the last years of war.

Stencil history X

18 September 2008

Wow - so the gallery is looking great after C215 and a swathe of others have stopped by to leave their mark on the walls of the gallery.

Pinky at the Cans Festival

22 August 2008

Our man Mr Pinks is to be painting at the up coming Cans festival.

PINKY has arrived !!!!!

8 August 2008

Pinky rocks the gallery with his solo show. 

Pinky getting ready to rock the gallery...

1 August 2008

A peek into the world of Pinky.

First post

29 July 2008

Introduction to the studio....

Pinky in the studio

29 July 2008

Pinky has been in the studio sorting his next print for release...

EXTRA extra...... -sten- & Lex working in the studio

29 July 2008

Rome comes to our Brighton basement. Stencil artists sten&Lex have been in producing work with Dan for a new print release coming up.

Update: MissBugs prints

29 July 2008

Waiting for your MissBugs prints?