Lester Magoogan showing @ the 'DragonBar'

23 December 2008

Lester's got a solo show to see....

Oh my gods 'SNOT' is here...

17 December 2008

The sudden arrival of the artist SNOT took us a bit by suprise today. we have been waiting for some work and then from out of the blue the postey brings the first tube.


Mark Wigan here, now....

7 December 2008

Oh my it's Wigan's world. 

Pinky's Bristol show!!! -UPDATE-!!!!

2 December 2008

Our man Pinky is doing the do over in Bristol. Universal show.

Zara Woods on the highstreet!!

2 December 2008

You have to check this out, Zara has got an amazing new range of 8 pieces in Topshop.