The London Art Fair - We Smashed it!

25 January 2014

You will of course be hearing from us in more detail about The London Art Fair but just for now...

Come and Say Hi!

14 January 2014

The day is almost upon us......!!!

Countdown to The London Art Fair....Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness

7 January 2014

'THE RENEGADE POTTER' has some treats for the people of the art fair!

Countdown to The London Art Fair....Carne Griffiths

7 January 2014

We have LOTS of new work from Carne.....Would you like to see just one of them?

Countdown to The London Art Fair!!...MissBugs

7 January 2014

So, people....WIth almost exactly a week to go and 14 artists to show you. What better time to let you see all (well, some) of the new and exciting work that we shall be unleashing in Upper Street...... Are you ready?

Happy New Year from Brighton!

3 January 2014