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Graffiti itself dates back to the Roman times, coming from the word ‘graffiato’ (“scratched”) but it has been only been celebrated as an artform since around the 1970s. The movement as we now know it came out of New York and was named after the spray-painted words that could be found on the New York subway system. In the 1980s Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were amongst the first Graffiti artists to make the crossover to showing their work in art galleries. In recent years the likes of Pure Evil, Ben Eine and Petro have all made the transition from the streets to the gallery. However all of their work can still be found on walls some legal and others not so much… Graffiti art is closely linked to the urban areas, with cities around the world including London, Berlin, Paris and Rio de Janiero all developing their own unique visual language. Brighton, where our gallery is based, is also a hot spot for UK Graffiti with “writers” flocking to the seaside town to add texture and colour.