Buy Limited Edition Contemporary Art Prints

In general the limited edition prints we sell at ink_d fall into two categories, Silkscreen and Giclee. Many of our limited edition silkscreen prints have been hand made and printed by the artists themselves or made with the help of a master printer. A gauze fabric that is traditionally made of silk is stretched taught onto a frame to form a screen. This screen is then treated with a light reactive substance and exposed much like creating a photograph, to form a stencil. Ink is then pulled through the exposed area onto the paper. The process is repeated to add different colours, layers and textures. Artist such as Pure Evil, Eelus and Graham Carter specialise in Silkscreen Limited Edition Prints. Giclee (“g-clay”) is the other most popular method of printing for our Limited Edition Prints. A Giclee is used to describe a fine art digital print created using pigment-based inks onto archival quality paper. Artists who translate their work into Giclee limited edition prints include Magnus Gjoen, Carne Griffiths and Maria Rivans. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist and offer an affordable way to collect work from popular artists.