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Renegade Potters and Extreme Craft

12 MARCH — 11 APRIL 2010

Renegade Potters and Extreme Craft - invite image

Ink_d Gallery goes all 3D for our next show and brings you a selection of British artists who work in traditional methods but with a subversive nature and walk the fine line between craft and fine art.

These artisans working in ceramics, glassware, mosaic, embroidery and fabrics are not just making beautiful handmade objects but also have something to say. Their messages are political, social and hard hitting. Anarchist ceramicists! Craftivists! Subversive sewing! You get the idea.

Working in ceramics are renegade potters Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness, Paul Scott, Matt Smith, Dan Baldwin, War Boutique, Karen Wydler and Nick Reynolds.

Creating extreme crafts are Jimmy South, Harriet Hammel, Screaming Lulu, Rosa Martyn, Sarah Corbett and The Craftivist Collective and Lori Bell.

All these artists are brought together as their work answers a nagging in all of us: The need for a bit of subversion! In the words of Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness “The Revolution will be ceramicised”


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