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Carne Griffiths


Origins - Origins show image

ORIGINS is a solo show by Carne Griffiths, This much anticipated exhibition follows the success of his previous show at the gallery in 2012.

This time Griffiths presents a new body of work which are meditations on the subject of 'Origins' questioning whether we trace back to a single source, or if each of us carry a small amount of information passed from generation to generation. Is there a thread that links us all together, a common consciousness?


The series of mixed media portraits celebrates our individuality and fascination with embellishment. Images reference tribal culture, and natural forms merging with digital structures. Griffiths' is fascinated with surrealist practices and uses techniques such as automatic drawing and éclaboussure to mark the start of a piece. Using Calligraphy inks, tea, alcohol, raw pigment and embroidery thread, (drawing on Griffiths' background as an embroidery designer) there is a balance of spontaneous and very deliberate marks combining to form each piece.  


The exhibition will consist of original works on paper, limited edition prints and curiosity pieces. A number of the works will incorporate hand embroidery.


During the show there will be a raffle to win an original commission by the artist. The winning ticket will be selected at the end of the show. Please contact the gallery for more details.